Quote of the day

30 Jan

I came across this quote today and was completely taken with it:

“The reference librarian […] should be possessed of an angelic disposition, and be filled with an unquenchable desire to assist human beings” – G.T. Clark, a 1904 librarian at the San Francisco Public Library*

I can’t claim an angelic disposition, but I think it’s that unquenchable desire to assist that pushed me back to library school. Earlier this winter, I overheard a random guy on the street ask his friend why a certain bus wasn’t on its normal route. Before I could stop myself, I jumped in and gave the¬†explanation. Awkward looks ensued.

All this to say – I’m excited for my reference practicum this semester. No word yet on where it will be.

*Quote is from Ahern, M.E. et al (1904). Reference work with the general public. Public Libraries, 9 (2), 55-65.


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