Monday Eye Candy: The New Year Edition

23 Jan

Oh. Hey there. I bet you thought I forgot about you.

Nope. I knew you were here, waiting; I just ignored you. Sorry about that. I was busy with some other stuff.

House Photo

Celebrating the holidays

Duluth shoreline

Visiting Gitche Gumee

Looking over a cliff

Exploring our state parks


Meeting, loving, and helping baptise my beautiful god-daughter

Groom statue

Tackling some wedding crafts (The little me is cropped out so as not to give my dress away)

Demo'd bathroom

Engaging in a home improvement project or two


All in all, it was a very busy, but very refreshing break. Now I’m ready to get started in my new classes, work with my practicum site, and double down here. I’m also trying to train for a half marathon with my friend Lindsay and get everything together for the wedding, now a scant/too long five months away. This semester’s going to fly by!


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