Monday Eye Candy: Libraries & Weddings

14 Nov

I spent this past weekend with my parents and brother. Very little library related happened, but my mom and I spent some time in the Martha Stewart party decor aisle at Joann’s plotting out our wedding reception decor strategy. Hint: as simple as humanly possible while still indicating that guests are, in fact, at a party. I was a much better wedding planner before grad school.

Anywho, that brings us to the Monday Eye Candy for this week. While the fiance and I are (mostly) avoiding the many clever references available for library wedding appropriation, this inspiration shoot is adorable. Even though I think inspiration shoots are mostly ridiculous and I try to avoid this type of wedding porn for my own sanity. On that chipper note, enjoy!

All the photos below are from Jeff Loves Jessica for Style Me Pretty and the whole shebang is available here.

Wedding dress and green cardiganEscort Cards in library card format

Escort Card Catalog

I'm crossing my fingers that Santa brings me one of these

Paper airplane garlands

Cake place with call number tag

C'mon. A call number for the desserts? That's adorable.





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