See Helen Party

18 Sep

Last Thursday, I had the chance to see academic librarianship in action at the third annual Helen C. White House Party. I volunteered to staff the SLIS mini golf hole for an hour – which really functioned as an excuse to visit College Library (traditionally an undergrad social library), stuff my face with free food, and try my hand at the craft table.

Bucky Reading

Bucky Badger taking a time out to read this year's Go Big Read selection, Enrique's Journey

My supervisor at the library encouraged us all to check it out as a huge success for academic librarianship – and it was HUGE. This was one of those times where UW’s massiveness really hits home. My whole undergrad institution could have been there. It takes a lot of planning to put something like that together – and to get that many people to attend in a city where there is always something else for people to do. I was a little surprised there wasn’t more overt HEY! LOOK! WE’RE A LIBRARY! LOOK WHAT SERVICES WE CAN PROVIDE! going on, but I guess the first step is getting people in the door and having them recognize that the library is there for them, not for the librarians.

SLIS Mini-Golf Hole

Slogan: "SLIS Laboratory Library - Not Just Cats and Shushing"

My coworker Erinn did a great job putting the SLIS hole together (despite my terrible photo). I did feel like that’s where I got to talk about the library – nothing like a captive audience!


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